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Drawings by JS Celis

Posted by Lori on January 29, 2015 in Occoquan River, Pictures, Random Musings, Uncategorized

Gas Light Landing, Occoquan VA

Came across these YouTube videos recently. There is a time lapse drawing of Gas Light Landing and one of the Occoquan bridge at sunset. Enjoy!

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The Tiny Island in Occoquan Bay: SOLD!

Posted by Lou on August 18, 2014 in Occoquan River, Potomac River, Random Musings

SOLD! The tiny island at the confluence of the Potomac and Occoquan rivers has been sold to the highest bidder for $65,000. InsideNova has the full scoop.

According to the new owner, Mark Richards, the island might soon have a new name:

“It’s had a lot of local names, none of them being Holiday Island. Everybody calls it either Rock Island or Spider Island. It’s been called Dinosaur Island because the tree looked like a T-Rex. I’m thinking about naming it The Duck Blind at Rock Island or maybe just The Duck Blind.”

The county assessment: $2,500
The original list price: $477,000
The final selling price: $65,000

A square deal? Here is the virtual tour, courtesy of MRIS.

For some unknown reason, the address of the island is 15751 Featherstone Road. The island is 1/4 acre and zoned A-1 (agricultural).

Correction: A previous version of this story included photographs of Conrad Island.

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Occoquan, Virginia: Center of the World

Posted by Lou on October 23, 2011 in Pictures, Random Musings, Town News

Back to Port! Storm’s Ablowin’

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Rainbow Over the Occoquan

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Get Your Boat Ready For Summer!

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A Perfect Day on the River, Until…

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Pura Vida

Posted by Lou on September 7, 2010 in Random Musings

Back from an awesome trip to Costa Rica, which included surfing in Tamarindo and Nosara. Costa Rica is an amazingly beautiful country that does a fantastic job promoting the environment and eco-tourism. The beaches are beautiful, the fruits are juicy, and the roads are dirt (with gigantic potholes).

I would love to see some of the Tico spirit come to Occoquan.

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Epic Fail

Posted by Lou on January 24, 2010 in Occoquan Reservoir, Pictures, Random Musings

Battle: Craft Show vs. Otkoberfest

Posted by Lou on September 25, 2009 in Meetups, National Harbor, Random Musings


Summer is officially over but the spirit must live on. This weekend features a classic battle between two events along the Potomac river. One is old, one is new. Both will probably be a good time. The conditions on the ground will be a little bit sloppy with rain on Saturday afternoon.

The 2009 Occoquan Fall Arts & Crafts Show begins on Saturday, September 26 at 10AM and runs through Sunday at 5PM. This is an all-ages event held twice per year in the streets of Occoquan. The fair of craftsmen and merchants is usually entertaining and crowded. Carnival food abounds. You can buy fried Oreos and shoelace french fries and then finish it off with a banana split. The craft show website has details.

Das Best Oktoberfest also takes place on Saturday 28 nautical miles north at National Harbor. The events runs from 2PM – 8PM on Saturday. The main attraction is “beer, brats & bands”. Tickets are $30 at the door and they include a souvenir tasting mug and 6 beer tokens. There is a beer belly competition and classic local band Love Seed Mama Jump will rock out on stage at 2PM.

This is a tough call but personally, I think Das Best Oktoberfest is the way to go. There are a couple of reasons why. First, shopping in the rain is a drag whereas drinking six german beers in the rain sounds like it could be fun. Also, National Harbor has excellent marina services. Its fairly easy to make a reservation and the staff is on point. One the other hand, there really is no way to reach the craft fair by boat. Perhaps the town should consider an effort to monetize the fallow Gas Light docks on craft fair weekends. Have a fun and safe weekend!

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Drunk Dude Kills Duck @ Tim’s Rivershore

Posted by Lou on June 18, 2009 in Potomac River, Random Musings


If you’ve been to Tim’s Rivershore in Dumfires, you’ll love this story!

Last week, David Yount walked into Tim’s at 2:15 p.m on Wednesday afternoon. He was drunk and carrying a .40-caliber handgun in plain view so the bartender refused to serve him.

Moments later, the rejected patron walked outside and fired four to seven rounds at a nearby flock of ducks. The mother duck was killed and it was all caught on video by a woman at the restaurant.

Police were unable to apprehend him at the time but two hours later he was arrested when he crashed his car into Powell’s Creek in Woodbridge. In the end, he was charged with a DUI and reckless handling of a firearm.

Insidenova.com first reported this story.

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