Occoquan Marinas

The Occoquan River and Chesapeake Bay are well-marked with buoys and markers. Before setting sail, review this buoy map that identifies all markers on the Occoquan River, Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay and beyond.

The Occoquan River flows into the Potomac River at Belmont Bay. It was formed through ancient glacial activity and continental collisions that occurred millions of years ago. The river drops 150 feet in it’s 14-mile route from its source at the confluence of Cedar Run and Bull Run.

The Occoquan River has 250 documented native american settlements along its banks going back about 13,000 years. Today, the Occoquan River is that it plays host to the greatest concentration of marinas in the Washington DC area.

Occoquan Marinas:

1. Madigan’s Waterfront Marina
2. Prince William Marina
3. Hoffmaster’s Marina
4. Occoquan Harbour Marina
5. Captain John Beach Marina
6. Fairfax Yacht Club
7. Harbor Marina at Belmont Bay