Occoquan Reservoir Best For Largemouth Bass

June 3, 2009

State Record LMB Low Res 2

Hard to believe but each year biologists with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries shock the hell out of our lakes and rivers to determine where the best fishing is to be had.

The sampling with the powerful probes was conducted during day hours. The biologists targeted largemouth bass, primarily those of 15 inches or more since those are the kind of bass most anglers prefer.

The 2,100-acre Occoquan Reservoir has the most largemouth bass. It had the highest CPE-P (catch per effort of preferred fish) and the highest relative stock density. In other words, check it out. This lake is very good for fishing.

On a final note, the largemouth bass pictured above (16lbs. 4oz.) is the largest ever caught in the commonwealth of Virginia. It was hooked by Richard Tate on May 20, 1985 at Connor Lake. Click here to see all record fish caught in Virginia.

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