Chesapeake Bay Projected Sea Level Rise

January 23, 2009

I found an interesting EPA report released in the waning days of Bush 43 shows that many areas around the Chesapeake Bay’s shoreline are already witnessing the effects of sea level rise and that vulnerable tidal marshes may erode more rapidly over the next century because of climate change. This graphic really says it all:


Luckily, it appears that Occoquan is in the green “safe” zone but when I think about the loss of habitat throughout the bay region, I don’t feel so lucky.  The report, Coastal Sensitivity to Sea-Level Rise: A Focus on the Mid-Atlantic Region, examines the impacts of sea level rise on the human communities and wildlife habitat of the Mid-Atlantic coast, including Chesapeake Bay. According to the EPA, the Mid-Atlantic region is one area of the U.S. that will likely see the greatest impacts of climate change due to rising waters, coastal storms and a high population concentration along the coastline.

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