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Editor’s Pick: Bistro L’Hermitage

Posted by Lou on November 16, 2011 in Endorsements, Restaurant News, Town News


Wedged along the side of Occoquan Road, Bistro L’Hermitage is the apex of fine dining in Occoquan. The low-slung, cozy French restaurant serves up flavorful dishes in memorable style. The menu is constantly changing but the simple flavors are always delicious.

Bistro L’Hermitage is the closest you’ll come to Top Chef without traveling 20 miles north to DC and you don’t have to take my word for it. Nowadays, even veteran restauranteur Tom Sietsema from the Washington Post ventures into Prince William to dine. Mr. Sietsema labeled Bistro L’Hermitage an Editor’s Pick in his October 18th review.

If you find yourself lucky enough to dine at Bistro L’Hermitage, remember to say hi to Youssef!

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Navigating the Occoquan River

Posted by Lou on November 3, 2011 in Boating News, Buoys & Markers, Occoquan River, Transportation

The Occoquan River contains many aids to navigation, commonly known as buoys or channel markers, which are designed, built and maintained by the United States Coast Guard. While some Aids to Navigation are buoys, many others are day markers. The general purpose is to provide the boating public with a “sense of direction” while on the water.

Generally speaking, green markers are kept to the RIGHT when leaving a harbor and red markers are kept to the RIGHT when returning to harbor, thus coining the famous phrase: “Red, Right, Return”

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