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Occoquan Panorama

Posted by Lou on December 11, 2011 in Occoquan River, Town News, Video

I just stumbled across this awesome video taken from a remote control airplane as it soars along the Occoquan River. Worth watching!

Occoquan 5th Flight from Paul Thompson on Vimeo.

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Occoquan River Rapids

Posted by Lou on December 9, 2011 in Occoquan River, Video

After a lot of rain, the Occoquan River is no joke. This 30 second video was shot from Nathaniel Ellicott Footbridge on the North side of town.

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Editor’s Pick: Bistro L’Hermitage

Posted by Lou on November 16, 2011 in Endorsements, Restaurant News, Town News


Wedged along the side of Occoquan Road, Bistro L’Hermitage is the apex of fine dining in Occoquan. The low-slung, cozy French restaurant serves up flavorful dishes in memorable style. The menu is constantly changing but the simple flavors are always delicious.

Bistro L’Hermitage is the closest you’ll come to Top Chef without traveling 20 miles north to DC and you don’t have to take my word for it. Nowadays, even veteran restauranteur Tom Sietsema from the Washington Post ventures into Prince William to dine. Mr. Sietsema labeled Bistro L’Hermitage an Editor’s Pick in his October 18th review.

If you find yourself lucky enough to dine at Bistro L’Hermitage, remember to say hi to Youssef!

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Navigating the Occoquan River

Posted by Lou on November 3, 2011 in Boating News, Buoys & Markers, Occoquan River, Transportation

The Occoquan River contains many aids to navigation, commonly known as buoys or channel markers, which are designed, built and maintained by the United States Coast Guard. While some Aids to Navigation are buoys, many others are day markers. The general purpose is to provide the boating public with a “sense of direction” while on the water.

Generally speaking, green markers are kept to the RIGHT when leaving a harbor and red markers are kept to the RIGHT when returning to harbor, thus coining the famous phrase: “Red, Right, Return”

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Occoquan, Virginia: Center of the World

Posted by Lou on October 23, 2011 in Pictures, Random Musings, Town News

2011 Occoquan Chase Recap

Posted by Lou on October 19, 2011 in Occoquan Reservoir, Occoquan Rowing, Video

Check out this video recap of the 2011 Occoquan Chase time trial competition held each fall along the Occoquan Reservoir…

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Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge

Posted by Lou on October 11, 2011 in Boating News, Environmental News, Potomac River, Wildlife Refuge

Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge

The Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge is a strip of 325 acres of pristine riverfront property wedged between Route 1 and the Potomac River.

In 1970, the refuge was made off-limits to the general public. As of today, access is no longer limited. At this point, only boaters can access the refuge via the trail at the southernmost point of Farm Creek, which leads out to Occoquan Bay.

If you’re a fan of hiking and boating, you’re in luck!

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HOT Lanes to Connect Occoquan to DC by 2015

Posted by Lou on September 30, 2011 in Redevelopment, Town News, Transportation


Occoquan Rt 95 Rt 395 HOV Lanes

Things are heating up on the $1 Billion dollar project to improve traffic on Routes 95 & 395. VDOT is currently holding “HOT lane forums” throughout the construction area.

The VA Mega Project will add a 3rd lane to the existing HOV lanes in the center portion of the highway. Also, High Occupancy Toll technology (EZ Pass transponders) will automatically bill drivers that do not meet the minimum standard: three or more people in their car, including carpools, motorcycles and transit vehicles.

An overhead sign will show the current toll price for the upcoming segment. VDOT expects tolls to be between 10 cents to about $1 per mile, depending on traffic, with the average trip costing $5 to $6.

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Occoquan Reservoir: A Gem Worth Protecting

Posted by Lou on September 29, 2011 in Environmental News, Occoquan Reservoir, Redevelopment

A worthy article about protecting and improving the Occoquan Reservoir:
Occoquan Reservoir: A Rare Gem Worth Protecting

The Occoquan Reservoir is a rare gem in our increasingly developed area. It is already an irreplaceable drinking water source for 1.7 million people.

Sedimentation input results in knee-deep mud along the bottom of the reservoir that reduces water capacity and aquatic diversity, the clarity of the water is poor, aquatic grasses grow unchecked that inhibit fish stocks and diversity, and on and on.

Check out for more information.

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The Muddy Waters of the Chesapeake

Posted by Lou on September 18, 2011 in Boating News, Chesapeake Bay, Occoquan River, Pictures, Potomac River

The “true color” image below, courtesy of Maryland’s Eyes on the Bay website, shows just how unbelievably muddy the Chesapeake Bay has become the in the wake of the copious amount of rainfall that has fallen in the past 2 weeks.

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2011 Occoquan Fall Craft Show

Posted by Lou on September 18, 2011 in Craft Show, Special Events, Town News

The 2011 Occoquan Fall Craft Fair will take place in Historic Occoquan, Saturday September 24th (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM) and Sunday, September 25th (10:00 AM until 5:00 PM) rain or shine. Per the semi-annual tradition, it will feature lots of greasy food and crafts from a wide array of local artists and vendors. The official craft show website has complete vendor details.

You can park in nearby commuter lots and take a shuttle to Occoquan for $4/person (kids free). If you don’t mind a little traffic, there is parking to be found in the neighborhoods surrounding the fair.

Hopefully the beautiful September weather will hold out and it will be a fantastic weekend!

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Back to Port! Storm’s Ablowin’

Posted by Lou on August 21, 2011 in Boating News, Pictures, Random Musings

Stuck on a rock

Posted by Lou on August 21, 2011 in Boating News, Occoquan River, Video

Not the most dramatic rescue but a rescue nonetheless! WARNING: Watch out for those unexpected rocks on the north side of the Occoquan walking bridge.

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Occoquan By Qwicki

Posted by Lou on August 1, 2011 in Town News, Video

I had to posting this video just for fun so you can learn more about Occoquan through the eyes of a Cyberdyne computer programmed to destroy to the world.

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Red Bull National Wake 2011

Posted by Lou on July 13, 2011 in Boating News, Meetups, National Harbor, Potomac River, Special Events, Wakeboarding

Red Bull National Wake 2.0, a professional wakeboarding competition, will take place July 23rd at National Harbor. This very cool event will feature professional wakeboarders Brian Grubb and JD Webb, along with a crew of local riders. It seems that all-star Parks Bonifay will be M.I.A. from this year’s competition.

These tremendous water athletes will be flying off of custom made features built especially for National Harbor. Towed by Red Bull Waverunners, the riders will put on quite a show for National Harbor visitors. There will be a post event autograph signing and give-a-ways throughout the day.

Check out the Facebook page here and the official event page here.

When: Saturday, July 23, 2011 @ 11:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Where: National Harbor, Maryland

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