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Aquapalooza 2009 Recap

Posted by Lou on July 27, 2009 in Aquapalooza

Aquapalooza 2009 was pretty crazy. The sun was out and the bands rocked until about 8pm when a nasty thunder storm rolled through. According to NOAA, the wind kicked up to 39 mph and although there wasn’t much rain, it was enough to put an end to most of the celebrating.

When the storm came through people where screaming and yelling and trying to stop other boats from hitting them. On the way out, I saw lots of dinged up boats and one that was sinking. It was a big mess and a sobering experience.

If you have some pics to share or stories to tell, drop us a note or sound off in the comments below.

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The Battle of Occoquan

Posted by Lou on July 27, 2009 in Town News


Just read an interesting article about Occoquan on that highlights the struggle of small town merchants during the great recession. The article does a good job summing up the efforts of local government and the Occoquan Merchants Association to increase the foot traffic in town.

Between the Summer Trolley Tour and the upcoming third annual 5K race in October, I am pleased to see such effort! I really hope the creativity pays off and our local merchants will survive and thrive.

PS – The battle over the Gaslight Landing project in the comments below the are comical.

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July 4th Money Shot

Posted by Lou on July 6, 2009 in Holiday, Pictures, Washington DC News

Here is a fantastic picture taken by Patrick Worcester on July 4th, 2009 from his boat on the Potomac river, between the 14th Street bridge complex and the Memorial bridge.


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Aquapalooza 2009 Draws Near

Posted by Lou on July 6, 2009 in Aquapalooza, Boat Clubs, Boating News, Chesapeake Bay, Meetups, Occoquan River, Special Events

Aquapalooza 2009

Prince William Marine is hosting Aquapalooza this year at Tim’s II at Fairview Beach on the Potomac River. I’m looking forward to a good party this year, albeit with a country twang. Headlining the Occoquan-Washington DC Aquapalooza this year will be country singer Daryle Singletary and Thunder 104.5 will be onsite broadcasting live.

Daryle Singletary is a crooner that topped the country charts with a few hits way back in 1995. In February 2009, Singletary released a new single, “Love You With the Lights On”. The single was the lead-off single to a new album, Rockin’ in the Country, released in June 2009. Give his new album a listen:

Here’s the rest of the musical line-up for the weekend: Key West Band, the Wild Bunch, Borrowed Time Band, Drivin’ South Band and the Darby Brothers. I haven’t seen any of these guys before, leave a comment if you know who they are.

The FAQ put together by PW Marine is full of helpful tips, if you have not attended Aquapalooza previously. Check out the map of Fairview Beach below. If you will be arriving by boat (the preferred method of transport), check out our nautical map of the Potomac River to chart your route.

Take your cameras, remember to take some pictures and send us your best, we’ll post them after the main event! We’ll be there partying it up, see you there!

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